New mobile game released! Catapult, Jump and Escape!

Jump the Wall

Mexico vs USA

The Droolians are aliens that travel through space to try out new foods... they came to Earth to taste the famous American fast food!

Being better eaters than pilots, they crashed their spaceship against a huge Wall!

Pick your team (Mexico or USA), catapult the aliens to the other side of the Wall and help them escape!

Welcome Menu

Select several challenges, from playing episodes to multiplayer.

Select your Team

You can select from which side you want to play: USA or Mexico

Select your Buddy

Multiple characters are available, from tuff guys to imponent ladies!

Mexico - Desert Escape

Choose Mexico and help the Droolians jumping the Wall!

Face the Obstacles

Once the Droolians jump the Wall their life is not easy...

USA - Return and escape

Choose USA and don't lay down... Send the Droolians back and help them escape!

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Triplay Studios is a gaming company for the mobile world.
We develop fun titles using the latest gaming technologies and stunning graphics.

Markus Bauer

Lead developer

Paulo Caetano

Lead Designer

Rodrigo Mendez

Manager and Marketer

Our team is composed by passionate people, from around the Globe.

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